Who We Are

Our owner was a frequenter of hair shows and beauty supply stores. These visits opened our owner's eyes to several things: the lack of black ownership of these stores, limited assortment of  products in store, less-than-knowledgeable or discriminative or judgmental staff in some stores, and minimal black owned beauty brands within these establishments. These visits resulted in the creation of Bold and Beauty in Black Beauty Supply in December of 2018. Bold and Beauty in Black Beauty Supply LLC was established with the mission to address the bias, discrimination, and small amount of black representation in beauty by providing a black owned alternative to traditional beauty supplies and adequate care for  kinky, coily, and curly hair.​ We received our first grant from the BALSA Foundation. Find out more about our award winning cohort


In 2020, Bold and Beauty in Black Beauty Supply LLC was rebranded as Black Beauty House. Black Beauty House is more than a beauty supply. It is now a lifestyle brand that values beauty, quality, transparency, awareness, representation, collaboration, integrity, and inspiration. With this in mind, Black Beauty House is looking forward to supplying our customers with adequate haircare + more.