How Black Beauty House Got it’s Start

Updated: Mar 26

Shortly after I received my masters' degree in December 2018 I started my business, Bold & Beauty in Black Beauty Supply. I founded my business on beauty, education and affordability. At that time, the plan was to provide an online black owned alternative to traditional Asian owned Beauty Supplies to those who did not want or could not visit a brick and mortar store. I was motivated to start a beauty supply not only because of my background in cosmetology but because a visit to the Bronner Brothers Show showcased to me a lack of black ownership in the beauty supply industry. Plus, the curbed choice of stock in beauty supply stores due to limited shelf space, little accessibility options, and a lack of educational opportunities about black hair in stores bothered me as well.

Additionally, the mistreatment of Black Women in select Asian owned Beauty Supply Stores coupled with the lack of people who didn't look like me or have hair like mine behind the counter was concerning to me as well. As a homebody and caregiver to a handicappable (my way of saying handicapped) family member, I definitely had introverted and online shoppers in mind as well as those with disabilities and those with hair/skin conditions that would make them uncomfortable asking questions inside a beauty supply. I intended to sell items that were commonly sold in beauty supply stores like flat irons, blow dryers, shampoos, conditioners and so on. It was a good plan. So much so the idea won me my first business grant from a not-for-profit, BALSA Foundation, in the Spring of 2019 (flyer from Spring 2019 BALSA Foundation Award Ceremony pictured above). Check my testimonial out in their video here. Prior to opening my business, I wasn't sure where to turn so if you're not sure where to start your entrepreneurial journey, seeking a mentor from SCORE and reviewing the resources listed on the BALSA Foundation's website can help steer you in the right direction and could possibly help you secure funding to start up.

Also, check in on what the other members of my cohort are up to!

Since becoming a part of the Spring 2019 cohort, my business has taken on many forms and there have been numerous additions and subtractions but here is the ultimate version of my business! Bold and Beauty in Black Beauty Supply is now Black Beauty House. Black Beauty House is a lifestyle brand built on beauty, quality, transparency & awareness and sells items that makes you look good and feel even better. Black Beauty House sells a variety of items that include haircare, hair tools and so much more. Black Beauty House stands out from other online beauty stores in several ways.

As mentioned, it is a black owned beauty brand founded on beauty, quality, transparency & awareness. Based on these values, Black Beauty House does NOT sell what I haven't used, researched the quality of or isn't ingredient transparent and the blog was created to provide more transparency about my business and provide more insight into my life beyond hair. And to top it off, Black Beauty House is the result of numerous collaborations and that means the store is able to carry a variety of unique and diverse stock! In other words, if a client or myself finds a product or business that aligns with Black Beauty House's values it is quite possible we'll get their items in stock! Not to mention all purchases made with Black Beauty House supports a small business and provides me with the means to give back to a community that's given so much to me. Special thanks to my family, friends, SCORE and especially the BALSA Foundation for transforming me into the entrepreneur I am today.

Please don't hesitate to let me know how I or Black Beauty House can assist you!

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