Meet me, Dee, Owner of & Blogger at Black Beauty House

Updated: Mar 26

Hi there! I'm Dee. I've accomplished quite a bit in my short 27 years of life. I left high school early back in 2010, earned a Bachelor's degree in Criminology in 2014, obtained licensure in Cosmetology in 2016 and earned a Master's degree in Accounting in 2018 just to name a few. Plus, I'm often the one my family and friends turn to when they need motivation, resources and sometimes food! I'm a lover of food, telenovelas, audiobooks and all things nerdy and introverted.

I started my blog to not only compliment my business, but to give my customers a better idea of me and my lifestyle, my thoughts on beauty, and some insights into business. I want to use this platform to share what resources I find and help others get rid of that icky "stuck in a rut" feeling.

So, when you need a light read about the topics mentioned above; check back frequently for new blog posts! And, don't forget to drop down in the comments of this post to say "hello"!

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