Debt-free Journey (DFJ) Update #1

Updated: Mar 2

The beginning of 2021 and the end of January. Whew! I didn’t start my journey exactly how I would have liked but some other objectives came up and other goals became apparent. I thought my focus would be on some of consumer debt but I had some landscaping work done at my home and that took up a significant chuck of my budget. I made my minimum payments to remain current and looks like that’ll have to be the plan for February.

January came with the big news of orthodontic care (braces) and payments would begin on the coronavirus relief I received for my business. Both total to about $5,867. Could by higher but still puts a noticeable dent in the budget for the next month or two. Ah well. On to mapping out the budget for those upcoming months.

How have your guys financially goals been going? Let me know in the comments below!

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