Debt Free Journey Update #2

Since I hadn’t mentioned before, I owe $10,300 on a credit card, $11,000 on my car loan, $53,000 in student loans, and a little over $89,000 on my home as of the day of this post. Not gonna lie, that is a mountain but you know what they say...the best way to eat an elephant is to cut it up in little pieces. With that being said January was shitty but I got a win and a plan in February!

I paid back the amount owed for the COVID relief I received ($2867.00), applied to the student debt relief contest hosted by Natural Light (check out my video here) and I made my down payment ($500) for my braces (no credit card needed or used)! That brings the grand total to $3000 remaining. While there’s a temporary pause on snowballing my other debts, I’m already planning to pay the balance in full so I can get back to the original plan.

In between planning, I've considered entering some other contests for cash prizes such as Vocal+ Challenges and reading up on marketing and stock market. The local library and Delyanne, The Money Coach have been good, starting sources on the respective subjects.

Now that I got my plan, I’m making better days in March. I’ll let took guys know how it goes!

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