Thinking About Starting A Business Venture? I've Got 2 Coaches That Can Help With That!

Updated: Mar 24


It's November already and we've got a little less than 8 weeks left in the year. To make the most of these last few weeks, I've been working on several goals. To ensure I stay on task I've enlisted the help of two awe inspiring life coaches! To help with my personal goals (i.e. 40 lb. weight loss, learn a foreign language and transform my money habits) I booked a hypnosis session with Lara Mae. You can check out my testimonial over on Lara Mae's website linked below.

Then, to check off my business goals, I joined Glitter Gang, an 8 week coaching group, hosted by Meg Smidt of Your Coach Meg and the coaching experience has been enlightening, challenging and thoroughly introspective. Both coaches are great, active listeners, more than willing to assist in goal setting and able to guide you in getting shit done!

To book a session with or learn more about these ladies, tap the following links:

If you like to know more about my coaching experiences, feel free to drop a comment below!

Now, go make these lasts few weeks of 2020 count!

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