Keeping up with the Stories.

I admit, the quarantine has been rough. For some more than others. But, here's my bit of good in all of this bad and sadness. As an introvert, I haven't been as bothered/bored with staying at home. I likened it to some grand gift I wasn't worthy of. I've done several projects at home, worked on some personal goals, expanded my business, submerged myself into gaming and filled chucks of time with books. A lot of these tasks don't allow me to sit down and read a book but audio books have been doing me justice. I encourage you to take advantage of the free listening options available at your local library. Here are a few of mine:

Please check with your local library on how to log in and utilize these free options and take a peek at some of the books on my reading and current reads list on Goodreads ( and drop yours in the comments so I can see what you've got on your list.

Happy reading!

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