My Major Goal For The New Year.

Updated: Mar 24

2020 was a wild and unpredictable year. But I found some good in all the bad. This year, I met one of my favorite stylists, Cynthia Lumzy, become a certified Hair Loss Specialist through the teachings of Ms. Toni Love and rebranded my business as Black Beauty House. And, big things are coming to the House so make sure you’re signed up for our newsletter! In preparing for 2020, I realized there is about to be a lot of changes in my business and in my personal life. Black Beauty House will be acquiring new brands and products, will be facilitating more giveaways of favorite products, and the blog will start hosting product reviews. As for myself, I’m about to kick off one hell of a transformation. 2021 will mark the beginning of what Dave Ramsey would like to call a “debt free journey”. These changes were contemplated after I read Crushing It! and Your Money or Your Life. With that being said, January 1 of 2021 will be the beginning of taking down my mountain of $165,000 in debt! And I couldn’t be more excited to take on this challenge. Like I said, I'm definitely about to transform my life! I will mention that I am a cafeteria picker when it comes to the Dave Ramsey philosophy so my journey will look different from others, but I strongly encourage others to start their own. Think what you could do if you didn’t have any debt payments! That would mean a lot of traveling, less work, and more giveaways in Black Beauty House for me! How about you? My first step is to tackle my consumer debt first (i.e. car and credit card) to build momentum and because these items have the lowest balances (snowball method). Then, it’s open season on everything else. Don’t worry, I’ll provide periodic updates here, so it’ll be like you're right alongside me on this journey!

Until then, let me know how you guys are preparing for the new year down below in the comments!

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