This is NOT a BBH Standard and Shouldn’t Be Anywhere Else

Updated: Mar 24

Have you ever been so excited to use a new product and then discover something's not right with it? Same here. I purchased a Grande Cosmetics Lip Plumper Trio and was so excited to test it out and review the colors when I noticed the packaging. I won’t mention where I bought it but I will say I was assured the trio pack had not be opened. However, I’m not all that trusting when I’m putting something in or on my body. I pushed for a return of this product (which was granted) despite how cute it was and now having a hole in my review and content creating plans.

I say that to say this, this is NOT a Black Beauty House (BBH) standard. I’m extremely mindful as to what I sell, how I receive it, and how I send it. Due to the nature of what I sell, I do not offer refunds, returns, or exchanges on my products. Which is all the more reason I check, inspect, and double check! I believe the quality of the product will speak for itself but don’t make it hard by selling someone something like this.

Ok, mini rant over.

Can you name a time where you received a product that was less than presentable? What was it and what happened? Let me know in the comments below!

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