So...I started a blog?

Updated: Feb 3

Do you believe in the law of manifestation? If you're not familiar, it is known as a universal law that denotes when you focus your thoughts and actions on a particular item or idea, that item or idea will gravitate to you. Essentially, it will begin manifesting itself into your space.

As you probably already know, I own an online beauty supply and I am thankful for all the positive reception, sales and progress my business has made. However, I don't want to be just a beauty supply owner. Again, I am blessed and grateful but I still want more! That, coupled with an article a family member sent me about purpose made me evaluate my goals.

My two biggest goals are to become a knowledgeable hair colorist and a brand ambassador/influencer in some capacity. Turns out, blogging will help with the latter goal. Thus, here am I! I started a blog to share my interests and connect with others, to chronicle how I progressively attack my goals and to motivate others to move forward with whatever they deem as their purpose.

Feel free to drop down in the comments to introduce yourself! Thanks for stopping by and can't wait to share my journey with you!

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