Sticks & Stones to Cleanse the Room

If you're looking to cleanse your space or recharge your energy, consider visiting a metaphysical store like Mystic Valley. A relative of mine put me on to this place back in 2011/2012 and I've been in love ever since! Around that time was when I was introduced to stones and the different types of spiritual readings. Later on, I started purchasing and burning incense, too. Truth be told, I am a firm believer in good and bad vibes and turns out incense have been used to drive away/repel bad things. Find a brief history of incense here ( and here (

So, today I bought Blue Sage bundles for smudging ( in addition to some stones for the mini temple I've made at home.

Stones can help with attracting and as well as manifesting certain things. Here's some synopsis and benefits of the stones I have:

I'm super excited to have added some new stones and can't wait to complete my collection with more. I'll be cleansing my stones with the smudge method mentioned here ( If you're interested in stones,smudging, readings and more, shop at Mystic Valley by visiting them online at

Let me know what goodies you grab!

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