One Solution to Combatting Racism

Updated: Mar 24

Honestly, I have been so sickened and appalled at the killing of Mr. George Floyd and Captain David Dorn along with many other black men and women. I have been overwhelmed with emotion but find solace in the peaceful protests occurring all over my city and the country.

While I haven't been able to protest in person, I have decided to protest with my dollar. I'm already a conscious spender and have previously made the decision to purchase black owned or locally owned goods little by little.

As far as I'm concerned, racism is multifaceted (e.g. institutional racism, overt racism, covert racism, etc) and the best way to take back our power and respect is to show solidarity in spending. I'm also wearing my pride (by wearing this dope ass sweatshirt from My Pride Apparel) If you're interested in doing the same, here's a few businesses you can support.

Let me know what you've done or plan to do to fight racism and drop any other black owned brands you know of down in the comments.

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