Competition 20 Mannequin

Competition 20 Mannequin

SKU: 4222

One of our most popular human hair mannequins! Gorgeous face, great hair, has shoulders.


  • Type: 100% Human Hair - Female with Shoulder Platform
  • Length: 20"- 21"
  • Color: Light Brown
  • Feature: Real Eyelashes, Rubber Head


Ideal For: Training and Educational purposes, Cutting, Heat styling, Up-Do's, and Color deposit techniques

(Tri-pod not included.)

  • Maintenance

    For long life and optimal performance, please treat your HairArt Mannequin just like you would a human client.

  • Care Instructions

    • BEFORE shampooing your mannequin head, gently but thoroughly brush hair out starting from ends to scalp to untangle. (Just like your hair, some shedding will occur, especially the first time. This is natural and expected and why we add a little extra to start.)
    • Shampoo gently, and rinse well with lukewarm water
    • Apply conditioner throughout the hair, adding conditioner generously from mid-shaft to ends.
    • Comb through hair after conditioner has been applied; start by holding the ends and gently comb through, working your way up to a smooth comb-out.
    • Leave in conditioner according to manufacturer’s recommendation.
    • Rinse out conditioner using lukewarm water.
    • Dry hair as you normally would.
  • Warnings

    • DO NOT apply bleach or permanent solution to light-haired mannequin heads.  This can damage the hair and result in premature / excessive hair loss.
    • Avoid using temperature settings higher than 300°F on light-haired mannequin heads when using appliances such as flat irons or curling irons
    • Some shedding may occur while brushing/combing hair, the greater the base volume of hair, the more shedding occurs, just like a normal human head.
    • Please follow the care instructions above to minimize the shedding and keep it to the natural, expected amount ~ (see video below of an actual Competition 20 brushed out of the box)

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